Royal Story

Royal Story

Royal Story is a game where fun and adventure await you in a kingdom!

Once upon a time, a princess discovered her kingdom in ruins after emerging from a mystifying sleep. Wait, what? The moment has come! In this multiplayer online agricultural game, join forces with the princess and a helpful gnome as they put their hands to work.

She may appear to be the kind of queen who would like to spend the entire day looking for tiaras, but she is prepared to roll up her gown's sleeves and begin cutting wood. She will also need to grow crops, milk Patty, her new cow, and gradually rebuild her kingdom. There are numerous daily awards to earn as well as additional tasks to complete. More and more of the kingdom's past will become clear as you finish them.

Is it conceivable that a naughty witch caused this mess? Playing this multiplayer game will let you find out! As you return the princess's kingdom to its former splendor, discover new areas within it. Other players who are occupied with labor in nearby kingdoms will assist you. During the thrilling voyage that awaits the princess and all of her pals, you might even get to look after a cute baby dragon and many other wonderful pets!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to navigate through the menus.
    Left-click to move the princess, select projects, choose tools, and more.

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