Rolling Cheese

Rolling Cheese

Rolling Cheese is an entertaining game of physics that you can play. Allow the cheese to go to the mouse and utilize broken things to get it to move.

To clear breakable objects out of the way, click on them. To increase your point total, complete each puzzle using up to three strawberries. Strive to complete every level with three stars. Get ready to be carried away into the absurd world of Rolling Cheese, where quick thinking will be just as important as quick reactions. A hungry little mouse in this entertaining challenge is hankering after a delicious slice of cheese, and it's up to you to solve the levels' puzzles to satisfy his appetite. Play a game where every level offers a clever fusion of strategic object manipulation with ball-rolling game dynamics. Enjoy your time!

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How To Play

To demolish breakable objects, click on them. You can tap or use your mouse on the screen.

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