Robber Bob: Chamber of Secrets

Robber Bob: Chamber of Secrets

Robber Bob: Chamber of Secrets is a fascinating puzzle game in which the main character is an expert thief. You'll find yourself atop a large tower and raid the local rich's hidden rooms. They store valuable items of art, money, and jewelry there. But, with your assistance, all of these diamonds will soon be in the possession of our burglar, Bob.

The game features many stages where dexterity and intelligence will be your best companions in this demanding task. White doors, staircases, and hatches are depicted and can be utilized to join them. Keep in mind that the robber will automatically relocate while moving between secret chambers. Your main goal is to collect stuff and flee. It won't be simple because traps have been put up, guards are patrolling, and CCTV cameras are in use. Take advantage of your wits and go for the prizes!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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