Riot Escape

Riot Escape

Riot Escape is an action game in which you can play as either a cop or an escapee mob. Without being stopped by the police, evacuees must make it to the end of the map. If you're a police officer, you prevent the mob from fleeing!

Run through the map as an escapee, dodging police and other unfortunate obstacles. Reach the finish line by scaling buildings and avoiding traps to elude law enforcement. The rioters are coming, so if you're an officer, be ready and swing your bat to take them out and execute swift justice. You'll need to retry if too many mob members manage to get through.

You can select one of two momentary enhancements at the start of each game. These can include increased speed, obtaining a quad bike, flying, and growing very large! Keep a lookout for these really potent improvements.

How To Play

  • Use WASD or the arrows to move and the mouse to click on buttons.
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