Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore

Rainbow But Its Alphabet Lore is a game where you must survive after becoming lost in a classroom overrun by alphabet monsters.

Join forces with other letters to gather all the cubes and use Rainbow to battle the alphabet monsters. It's alphabet lore, though! Enjoy this vibrant and more difficult version of hide-and-seek in the virtual world as you run around the yard looking for boxes and adopt disguises to avoid the monsters nearby!

Can you assist the alphabet youngsters in gathering every cube and restoring harmony to their playground? You can pass for a box and trick the creatures nearby, so don't worry. Press the play button to explore the first game mode if you're up for the thrill. In this style, the match doesn't begin until the countdown has finished, so the pupils wait in the classroom. After being freed, you can cautiously search the structures and the yard for cubes. Beware of the arrows. You can follow them to a cube. There is no escaping the onslaught of the letter monster, so you should always be on guard. While looking for the final parts, you can utilize the box as cover while avoiding this terrifying beast. Team up to defeat the timer and win rounds to expel the monsters.

You can check out our other.io games if you enjoy this entertaining survival game! A wonderful time!

How To Play

  • Use a joystick to move your character.
  • Tap the "box" button to hide from the monsters in the alphabet.
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