Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2 brings along even more incredible puzzle levels for you to challenge your brain on, as we have seen that you had a great time with the first set. Since puzzle and logic games online are becoming more popular every day, a sequel to an already successful game will only encourage players to play it more, as we hope to see you doing right now! The dog is in danger of being stung by bees at every stage of the game because a nest is nearby. You must draw lines of defense against him in the shape that is most practical and provides the most protection. If the dog lives until the timer hits 0 seconds without being stung, you win. There are 100 levels here, each one more difficult and enjoyable than the last, with increasing threats and complexity to complete them. Start now, here, and be sure to stay to see what other fantastic information we will share with you today!

How To Play

  • Create a drawing line using your mouse.

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