Police Pursuit 2

Police Pursuit 2

Police Pursuit 2 is a fantastic racing game for boys in which they can not only ride in a police car but also participate in police chases. Your primary responsibility is to patrol the city and apprehend any possible criminals who are driving through the streets. The mini-map will show you all of the locations, missions, and criminal vehicles you'll need. When a red dot appears on the map, it indicates the presence of a criminal. Turn on the siren, step on the gas, and sprint to catch up with the culprit.

Come to the locations marked with yellow dots on the map to begin fulfilling missions. Will you be able to do all of the missions in order to rid the city of crime? Let's give it a shot!

How To Play

  • The arrow keys - management.
  • Z - nitro.
  • X or Shift - drift.
  • 1 - change siren mode.
  • Tab - cheese.

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