Pocket Zone

Pocket Zone

Pocket Zone is an adventure game in which you attempt to survive the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

A new co-op survival game that blends text quests, an RPG, event visualization, and different character animations has been produced by the same people that made Pocket Survivor, Pocket Survivor 2, and Pocket Survivor: Expansion. This compelling game combines gameplay elements from the best Chernobyl Exclusion Zone survival scenarios with the time-honored RPG frameworks of Fallout and Wasteland.

Discover the difficulty of the zone, which is filled with artifacts, mutants, explorers, and bandits. An unfathomable mood of loneliness on a harsh planet is created by endless events and a well-designed role-playing system of classes and skills. Survive and become enormously wealthy, or realize your deepest desire by visiting the Chernobyl nuclear power facility with the fabled Wishmaster. Alternately, break up the monotony of city life by traveling across the wastelands, where hostile conditions endanger your life. Can you withstand the Zone's powerful grip even for a day?

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