Pocket Tower

Pocket Tower

Pocket Tower entails developing a sizable tower full of floors with various types of shops and facilities in this entertaining and addictive elevator and building management game. You will take on the role of the hero of your own skyscraper in Pocket Tower! You'll plan it and build a lovely business hub! Do you believe you can handle this skyscraper? Good fortune!

You are the proprietor of this tall building, which has many different kinds of businesses inside. You must oversee each of these enterprises and ensure that your employees are content. Because of your success as a businessperson, your company is currently expanding quickly. Even setting up more enterprises and building more floors crosses your mind. This is where the game is headed! In this game, you'll construct new levels, launch businesses, recruit staff, and welcome guests. In order to keep the taxes coming in and your skyscraper expanding, try to properly set the levels. You'll find solutions to several issues involving investments, human resources, and profit maximization. The five company categories of food, service, recreation, fashion, and technology are available for incorporation into your structure. You should also pick a specific establishment from among a restaurant, spa, fitness center, movie theater, bar, or laundry. Hire some employees after your company is up and running, but don't forget to keep them satisfied! Good luck with your business endeavors!

How To Play

  • Drag the left mouse button.

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