Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22

Penalty Champs 22 is a fantastic soccer game in which you may compete in a tournament penalty shootout. Show off your ball-handling skills!

In Penalty Champs 22, you must demonstrate your ability to remain calm during the crucial penalty match. Do you have steely nerves? 

First, select a squad from the 32 available to lead to victory. You can also skip the group matches by selecting "Skip Groups" on the screen where you choose your team. 

You control the game with the mouse or by swiping and tapping. First, decide whether the ball should land in the left or right goal. Then comes the height. Should the shot be high or low? Finally, you must decide how much vigor and force you will put into your shot. Can the goalie keep your ball in play? However, you must first prevent your opponent from scoring a goal. So it goes from match to match until it's all about the trophy you want to take home.

How To Play

When firing, click three times to select the shot's direction, height, and power. When defending, simply click once on the area where you wish the goalie to dive (immediately before the shot you will see a target that shows where the opponent will shoot).

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