Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman is a thrilling motorbike stunt game that will put your courage and racing prowess to the test! Get on your strong motorcycle and ride over exhilarating tracks with a variety of surroundings, moving parts, and terrain. To reach the elusive finish line, you'll need to maneuver across unusual settings and overcome natural barriers as a skilled stuntman. To keep your balance and prevent it from toppling over, you must accelerate and brake at the right times. Precision and timing are essential.

Experience the thrill of pushing the boundaries of your motorcycle racing abilities as you navigate difficult courses. Take on bold maneuvers to gain additional time and record the fastest time on the scoreboard. You're getting closer to winning the more stunts you pull off and the faster you go!

Moto Stuntman is a thrilling game that will captivate you for hours with its amazing graphics and engaging gameplay. As you rocket through each level and overcome every challenge in your path, experience the exhilaration of the ride and the wind in your hair. Don your helmet, grab the handlebars, and get ready for an exhilarating journey with Moto Stuntman!

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How To Play

  • The W key or the up arrow is gas.
  • The S key or the down arrow is the brake.
  • Using the A, D keys or the right, left arrows on the keyboard, you can rotate the motorcycle and perform a somersault.

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