Mike And Mia 1st Day At School

Mike And Mia 1st Day At School

Mike And Mia 1st Day At School is a sweet kids game where you may play a variety of minigames to get Mike and Mia ready for school!

Mike and Mia are already anticipating their first day of school with much excitement! Their lives are about to enter a new era, and they will undoubtedly make a lot of new acquaintances. However, they still need to prepare for that by playing some entertaining minigames.

First, sanitize the children's rooms. Place the toys in the box with the school supplies. This will allow you to quickly pack up the two first-graders' exercise books, rulers, and pencils while also restoring order to the room. Mike and Mia will then take a bath. Help the two children wash up and change into clean clothing. Food for the break should, of course, be present. So prepare a tasty lunchbox with chopped fruit and only fresh stuff. You can leave at this point. Put the two of them in attractive, vibrant clothing that they can wear to class with them. In this activity, the two first-graders learn how to write numbers, count, and associate the right animal sound with the right animal. Have fun!

How To Play

  • You can use your mouse to play this game.

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