Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2 is a tile-matching game with increasingly hard games and stages. The basic purpose of a player is to clear away game boards filled with layers of tiles in order to assist a girl named May and her ferret, Jong, in traveling around the world to densely populated cities and distant locations. The game has around 700 levels for the user to explore.

When a player matches two tiles that are adjacent to each other, the tiles disappear. The player then advances to the next layer of tiles. A player can also match tiles in different sections of the game board as long as no tiles are resting against the outside edges of each tile. To make both tiles disappear, the player simply taps each matching tile. They can also tap one tile and drag it over to the other. The user receives in-game coins after completing the walkthrough.

When a player successfully removes tiles from the board, they earn stars, which fill empty spaces in a section at the top of the game where a golden meter fills up to display their progress. They gain extra coins after filling the slots and meters and clearing the board. Each level tells the player the number of potential tile matches that must be completed in order to progress to the next level. With their coins, the player can eventually unlock boosters, discover May's lost suitcase, unveil rare sets of tiles, and tour sites all around the world. A player can earn additional coins by watching a short advertisement.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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