Love Tester 3

Love Tester 3

Love Tester 3 is a love test. Find out if you and your crush are a good match. Is your compatibility 100%, and will it be genuine love and wedding bells all the way, or is this romance destined to fizzle? Put your love to the test and see what happens!

Do you have a crush on someone but are too afraid to tell them about it? Do you spend your nights imagining what it would be like if you two were together? Do you believe your story might outperform even the most gorgeous romantic film? Why waste time asking such inquiries when you may get the answer with a few mouse clicks? Love Tester 3 is here to answer all of your questions. As the player, you have no objectives in this game, and you don't need them because love is the only actual goal in Love Tester 3. To begin, write your name on the first line of the game. If you have more than one interest, you can put your love to the test with up to three people.

How To Play

  • Tap or mouse, keyboard.

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