Kitty Jewel Quest

Kitty Jewel Quest

Kitty Jewel Quest is a charming and fluffy quest full of gorgeous kitties and dozens of stages. Prepare to match adorable kittens to achieve the stages and objectives. If you enjoy match-3 games, you've come to the right place!

Your goal, like those of other games in this genre, is straightforward! All you have to do is complete objectives to advance through the stages. Your responsibilities will be assigned to you at the start of each level. These activities are easier at the start of the game, but they become more difficult as you go. On each level, you have a board with various kittens. Making a row or column of three or more of them removes them from the board and earns you points. Some levels have various blocks. To get rid of them, you should remove any kittens that are nearby. As you remove blocks, fresh ones appear at the top of the screen to take their place. Can you finish all of the levels?

How To Play

Use WASD: move.

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