Impostors vs Zombies: Survival

Impostors vs Zombies: Survival

Impostors Vs Zombies: Survival is an intriguing shooting game featuring Among Us characters. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy while also locating and rescuing your teammates. The first lesson you learn is that the more zombies you kill, the more powerful you become. Keep in mind that victory is critical.

How did the virus find its way into our space station? There are imposter zombies among us, so find and eliminate them all. Almost everyone on your team has become a zombie. Defend yourself against hordes of enemies. Make it your goal to be the last person standing on the battlefield. Take part in a zombie hunt and kill them to earn money! Collect more coins to purchase a rocket and upgrade your weapon's power.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse to perform actions in the game.
  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Space key to interact with the object.
  • Z key to use the first aid box, X key to call the support missile, C key to use the item.

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