Hyper Neon Ball

Hyper Neon Ball

Hyper Neon Ball is a fun game in which we will put your marksmanship to the test. If you enjoy basketball and obstacle courses, this is the game for you! You may appreciate the minimalist and visually appealing design while taking shots and honing your reflexes. The barriers become more difficult and intricate as you continue through the stages, requiring you to adapt to unexpected scenarios. You must survey the room for opportunities to exploit the impediments and respond accordingly. Wait for the proper moment to act, then create a path for the ball and watch it fly! Take caution with your three lives. The higher your score, the more chances you have at the end of the level. Watch short advertisements between levels to pass difficult stages or receive second chances, and don't allow problems to get the best of you!

Hyper Neon Ball is an entertaining hyper casual game that will put your strategy, planning, and coordination skills to the test! Pass obstacles and collect points by shooting balls through the platform! In this engrossing challenge, enjoy the neon arcade concept and brilliant colors, as well as the simple controls!

How To Play

Use "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" to create a ball movement path.

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