Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux is the long-awaited comeback of the popular Gun Mayhem series. This latest installment features heated combat against friends or AI in an epic showdown. Gun Mayhem Redux provides intense gameplay for players to conquer with a broad selection of weaponry and strategic maps. This game includes 21 diverse weapons, each with its own individual playstyle, as well as two fire modes to master. Players can experiment with numerous combinations of explosive rocket launchers and rapid-fire machine guns to select their favorite arsenal of destruction. Players will gain additional weapons as they move through the game, bringing excitement and variation to their battle repertoire.
Gun Mayhem Redux features ten carefully crafted maps. Each map has a unique layout and environment, requiring players to adjust their strategies accordingly. Players can experience two interesting modes in the game. In single-player mode, players can put their talents to the test by taking on a succession of progressively difficult opponents. This mode provides an excellent opportunity for gamers to develop their skills and become Gun Mayhem Redux masters. Prepare to wreak havoc!

How To Play

  • Player 1 Controls

Arrow keys = move.

Z = primary weapon.

X = secondary weapon.

  • Player 2 Controls

WASD = move.

T = primary weapon.

Y = secondary weapon.

  • Player 3 Controls

Numpad /789 = move.

Numpad * = primary weapon.

Numpad - = secondary weapon.

Player 4 Controls

Numpad 5123 = move.

Numpad 0 = primary weapon.

Numpad . = secondary weapon.

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