Grindcraft is a clicker game based on Minecraft in terms of crafting. Collect different raw materials and improve skills to craft more powerful items. Hover over craftable items to see the materials needed to craft them.

Grindcraft removes the 3D element so you can focus on the crafting element of Minecraft. Starting with a fist, you can cut down trees for wood and start collecting resources, just like in Minecraft's survival mode. Once you have enough wood, you can craft wooden tools like axes and spades to make it easier to gather resources.

Blending takes place in four click boxes. They are the outside world, the mine, the food, and the crowd. The types of items you can harvest will depend on the equipment you currently have. For example, lava won't spawn if you don't have a bucket to store it in. GrindCraft will show raw mineable resources here with varying frequencies depending on their rarity. Once you have enough resources to build a village, you can create villagers to harvest output by automating your operations.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game.

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