Girl Surfer 3D

Girl Surfer 3D

Girl Surfer 3D is a game that will brighten your day with its sunny theme and exciting challenges! To make a living from this addictive hobby, recruit cute anime girls into your surfing group, overcome obstacles and dangers, and collect gold coins! Create new strategies to help you get through the most difficult stages, and see how far you can get with proper training!

Warm weather is on its way, and water sports are on the rise. You can now form your own surfing team and follow the latest trends. Get in the water right away to start looking for new members. The ski always travels through the center of the field, but you can direct her movement by holding her and sliding left and right. This allows you to move through other girls and collect gold coins. With each new member, your position shifts; add as many girls as possible to build the tallest pyramid. Keep your reflexes sharp to avoid the rocks in the pool, which can ruin everything and force you to restart from the beginning. Work your way through the score multipliers to finish your show with the most points and claim your prize. Unlock new girls to change your appearance and stay classy during practice!

How To Play

  • Slide to move.

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