Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a rather chaotic two-player game where you'll race against three others to the mining point. You can only move by jumping left or right. Moving in this game is quite difficult! Pick up guns and other weapons along the way to fight your opponents!

Team up with a friend of yours using the same keyboard, or maybe play single-player mode. Choose one of the characters and join the game! After starting the race, you can only move by jumping left or right. This move will create quite a chaotic scene! How much you move depends on how long the pig moves in either direction.

There are multiple laps in the race, and each lap takes place in a different location. Race to the finish line and pick up weapons and other upgrades as you come across them. Use weapons to attack other racers on the way to the finish line!

How To Play

1. player control button

  • W key to jump left.
  • E key to jump right.
  • R key to use power-ups.

2. Player Control Button

  • I key to jump left.
  • O key to jump right.
  • P key to use power-ups.

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