Fishconnect represents one of the top new mahjong games available online. Since we have experienced first-hand how amazing these tile-matching games can be, we always recommend them to our website's visitors. There is a reason why this classic game is still popular, having made a seamless transition to online gaming!

If you find two identical tiles that are adjacent to one another or just have a space between them, you can click on them to join them, which eliminates them. You must do this in order to remove not just the other symbols-filled tiles but also all of the fish tiles.

Ultimately, you must link two tiles at a time to remove every tile from the screen; however, you must do this before the timer runs out entirely on you because if it does, you lose and must finish from the beginning. We're convinced that you understand it, therefore we invite you to play now that you feel comfortable!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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