Fish Eats Fish 3

Fish Eats Fish 3

Fish Eats Fish 3 will reveal all the secrets of the seafloor and take you through a fish's complete life. You will see the birth of a fry and its development into a large and beautiful fish. 

You start out as a small fish that needs to eat a lot in order to grow and become big and strong. The stronger, as in nature, inevitably prevails over the weaker. As a result, try to eat only fish that are smaller than you; otherwise, you will be defeated. Certain fish can move so quickly that you won't have time to blink before they consume you. As you grow larger, the fish will swim around you in terror. The game can be played alone, with others, or with three players. Everyone will be able to choose their own fish, down to the color and gender. Are you ready to battle your friends on the seafloor? 

How To Play

Use the arrow keys.

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