Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is a unique and intriguing new player's game. You can see that this is a really fascinating new adventure challenge in which the three players will act as avatar fish from the world's deepest seas and oceans. Player 1 will have a redfish, Player 2 a green fish, and Player 3 a purple fish, which they will all control using separate controls.

Your main goal in this new fish game will be to develop your fish as much as possible, which will require you to be extremely careful since, dear kids, you will have to wander around the water and attempt to find fish that aren't big enough to eat while your fish is young.

Once you've eaten a lot of fish and earned a lot of points, you'll see that your fish will grow bigger and bigger, and you'll be able to eat even the biggest fish you come across on the ocean floor. There are many different 2- or 3-player games with animal challenges available for you to play; simply browse the categories and select your favorite. Have a good time!

How To Play

Player 1: Use the ARROW keys.

Player 2: Use the A, S, W, D.

Player 3: Use the MOUSE.

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