Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot is a physics-based soccer game in which you must fulfill all of the challenges in the Continental and International Cups to become the best in the world. Improve your abilities with endless-mode training and track your progress on a daily basis to make better, stronger, and more accurate shots!

With Fierce Shot, you may compete in an anime football tournament! Earn money and skill points, compete against daring opponents, progress through the tournament, and see whether you can reach the finals! Learn great attacks to defeat your opponents on the green field and demonstrate your abilities!

Successful shots fill the power shot bar above, boosting your next shot. You can learn how to use that skill by watching the in-game tutorial. Win matches to earn skill points, and then upgrade your skills in the profile menu. Prepare for the cups and tournaments, keep up with the events, and win them all to unlock all abilities! Make the most of your special abilities and persevere until the end!

How To Play

  • Draw curve lines to kick the ball.

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