Fashion Holic

Fashion Holic

Fashion Holic is an enjoyable dress-up game! You're a well-known online sensation who is routinely invited to high-end gatherings. With your demeanor, you must now demonstrate to everyone why you deserve this.

In this dress-up game, you will receive countless invitations to various parties. Each of these events is stated in a message, and you must follow the directions for those events' needs to acquire the correct style. You'll need to dress casually some of the time and opulently at other times. Finally, you will see people's reactions to their likes online. Online, try to meet the set likes target and earn points for each component that fits your style. Simply put on your favorite outfit and post your images whenever you are ready!

If you enjoyed this fun game with a fashion challenge, you should look into additional games like it!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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