Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness is a survival action game, similar to a role-playing game, set in a wild fantasy world. Your goal is to stand up against the evil forces that want to destroy the natural order. Use the diverse arsenal of complex powers bestowed by your beloved Mother Nature to destroy the orcs from the Aluminum Hat House and other cunning foes.

Your name is Johnny "Harmon" Wild, and you are trapped in a fantasy forest called "Orkish Paradise," battling goblins, orcs, strange wizards, and other evil creatures. Move around skillfully to take down enemies and pick up their crystals. Each crystal contains XP that helps you level up. Like in the game Vampire Survivors, you attack automatically, so you can focus on moving like a pro.

Each time you level up, you'll have several options to power up, increase damage, slow down, or heal. Summon a healing garden, carnivorous bunnies, lightning rage, and more. You can continuously upgrade these boosters to enhance their effects.

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move.

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