Drift 3

Drift 3

Drift 3 is an engaging driving game in which you must control a vehicle while competing against other players. Be the last person standing to win a race that goes on forever.

This game is perfect for you if you enjoy playing automobile-driving games, particularly those with a drifting theme. The automobile drifting game series' latest installment, Drift 3, has a number of brand-new features. Along with the main guidelines of one drifting game, these factors are projected to provide you with thrilling and fascinating experiences. See these features now!

You can play multiplayer with up to seven other players as the first new feature. You will compete in an eight-player driving competition in this game. By colliding with other automobiles and launching them into space, you can defeat your rivals. Be cautious, though, as your adversaries will do the same to you. Fight to the best of your ability if you want to win this fiercely competitive game! Endless races are another inventive component. The limitless theme of Drift 3 calls for you to run for as long as you can. Only when you are the final survivor and winner does the game come to an end.

To experience fresh, exciting elements in this drifting game, simply press the start button!

How To Play

  • Desktop: Press or release the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right.
  • Mobile: Touch or release the screen to turn left or right.

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