Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc are two longtime friends who have found themselves on a journey. Are you prepared to lead this otherworldly team through levels chock-full of tricky traps and puzzles?

Although the goal is quite straightforward, you should be prepared to accept obstacles as you go through the several enjoyable stages. Once you have gathered all the required goods, all that is left to do is make it to the exit door. While Franc can pick up screws, Drac, an old vampire, can collect vials of potions. It's not always necessary to acquire every item to pass a level. In order to get past the barriers and reach the exit door, you'll need to pull levers, press buttons, and climb ladders. Despite the differences between these individuals, they must work together to overcome all obstacles. Can you aid them in escaping the prison?

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How To Play

  • Control Drac: controls use the WASD keys.
  • Control Frank: the arrow keys to control.

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