Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a game in which the player controls a tyrannosaur dubbed Lonely T-Rex, who walks from left to right over a desert using two colors: black and white. Along the journey, players must jump over or hunch low to avoid obstacles such as cacti and pterosaurs that arise frequently. The game's speed will steadily rise over time. The game will stop quickly if the Lonely T-Rex character collides with any obstacle.

The game screen will change after the player reaches 700 points. Dark gray on white graphics changing to light gray on black graphics and daytime graphics of the sky changing to night graphics represent the transition from day to night. Throughout the game, the game will shift between night and day. To overcome difficulties in the game, you must be swift. How many points do you think you'll get?

How To Play

Use arrows key.

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