Dark War

Dark War

Dark War is a remarkable journey across the past to confront demons and bring justice to triumph. The action of this thrilling role-playing game, which has an overhead view, takes place in contemporary reality. You will take on the character of a valiant exorcist from a bygone era who dedicated his life to battling the powers of evil in this game. Features of the game: Various Weapons: You are proficient with both swords and guns in combat. You are also endowed with magical skills. Take out the primary bosses to unleash epic encounters with formidable demonic bosses. Every battle pits you against powerful demonic bosses that test your bravery and strategic thinking. Focus on consistently improving your character's abilities and weapons if you want to succeed in the Dark War. Swordplay, gunplay, and magic combined in the appropriate proportions can tip the odds in your favor. When dealing with employers, be tactical; research their habits before striking.

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How To Play

Follow the instructions on the screen.

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