Dangerous ride

Dangerous ride

Dangerous Ride is one of the most thrilling new casual games in 3D on our website, a bicycle riding game where you try to perform some of the riskiest and craziest stunts around, as the title suggests. Since we had such a great time playing it ourselves, we knew that sharing it with you here was the best thing we could have done today.

The first ride requires you to travel down a very narrow road in the air. Below you is a pool with a shark in it, so if you fall in it, you get eaten and the level is lost. This serves as an illustration of how dangerous these rides will be. Can you imagine the greater hurdles that lie ahead of you given that this is only the training level?Because there is nothing else to explain, let's get started right now. Please stay for the many other incredible games that will come after this one.

How To Play

  • Control your bike with the arrow keys.
  • WASD keys or the mouse directly on the game screen.

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