Cut The Rope 3D

Cut The Rope 3D

Cut the Rope is a game of giving large pieces of candy to a hungry creature named Om Nom. Collect all the stars for the highest rating and progress to more challenging levels with new puzzles.

This is the first game in the Cut the Rope series, a series of physics puzzle games where you have to cut ropes, collect stars, and feed your hungry monster friend. Cut the rope the right way. order for the candy to rotate and collect all the stars, then feed Om Nom. Sometimes, you have to cut the rope at the right time so that it falls in the right direction. You need a certain number of stars to level up in Cut the Rope. As you progress further, you will encounter new puzzle requirements such as bubbles and air cushions. Use these devices to protect all the stars before feeding Om Nom. Try it right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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