City Siege Factions Island

City Siege Factions Island

City Siege Faction Island is a 2D tactical shooter game from the City Siege series in which you must control your army and kill the bad guys on the faction island.

City Siege Factions Island is a fun game where you can build your own army with tanks, cannons, spies, fire tanks, and helicopters. Then, go on tactical rescue operations and mass destruction missions. Destroy all your opponents to bring peace to the faction island! Your struggle begins with only one rifleman, but you'll soon be fighting tanks, flamethrowers, and even hovercraft. Fight your way through numerous objectives on Faction Island, each with destructible terrain and dynamic gameplay that allows you to watch as falling buildings crush your adversaries and reward you. Expand your army by purchasing more heavy weaponry or powerful air assaults to crush death from above, bringing the wars to a blind conclusion.

How To Play

  • Use WASD or cursor keys to control the troop. 
  • Aim with the mouse, click to shoot. 
  • Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll around and take a look at what’s ahead.

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