Celebrity Easter Fashionista

Celebrity Easter Fashionista

Celebrity Easter Fashionista girls need your assistance getting dressed so they may enjoy Easter in style. While having a different style for each female might initially appear difficult, you are the celebrities' go-to stylist, so you are the only one who can give them the makeover they deserve!

Easter coincides with spring, and this is the season of vibrant, wildflower-inspired apparel! You will work with five models, which translates to five different styles. Click on the female symbol in the main menu to launch the game. You can notice many menus on the left side of the makeover screen. You can look through earring sets, necklaces, eyewear, handbags, clothes, and hairdos. You have a variety of alternatives to pick from in each of these categories. You can watch an advertisement to unlock some menus that may be locked. To construct an outfit, select and combine various components. You can go back and revise your decision if you aren't sure about it. To finish a look, you don't need to use every piece! By clicking on an item in the menu, you can remove it. When you're done customizing the current model, click the button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can work on more models later on in the game after you unlock the one you started with.

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How To Play

  • Use your left mouse button to play.

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