Cash Gun Rush

Cash Gun Rush

Cash Gun Rush has been added to our website in light of how much you enjoy the 3D hypercasual runner games that we currently have available to you. These games have grown to be very popular recently, and we always make sure to share the best ones with you, as we are doing right now.

Use the mouse or finger to direct the gun toward motorcycles, automobiles, televisions, and any other objects you want to buy in this manner. As the gun's name implies, it will automatically shoot cash; make sure to reach the required amount to pick up the items from the road. You might lose if you run into them. The green gates, however, are the ones you must pass through since they grant you double shot, speed, and length—all upgrades that will enable you to purchase more—while the red gates slow down your movement and purchases, so avoid this at all costs.

By pressing frequently, try to obtain as many bonus coins as you can at the level's conclusion. Good luck, have fun, and don't waste any time since we still have more fantastic games to share with you!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and follow the guide map.

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