Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship is a nice idle game where you can trade and travel around America in a container ship.

Shipping has a significant impact on global trade since it moves products across oceans. Start with a modest container ship and continue to grow your logistics business. You can load and unload various colored containers in various ports while controlling the ship with your mouse or finger. You receive cash for successfully unloading containers, which you may use to upgrade your ship or open up new locations for additional crates. Greater volumes of cargo can be transported more quickly with better values for length, height, and speed.
On the sea map, however, you can also locate treasure chests and priceless items like Poseidon's trident, which you can exchange for diamonds at the Atlantis merchant in places like New York. You also have the chance to discover enigmatic locations. What lies in store for you there?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and follow the guide map.

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