Candy Rain 6

Candy Rain 6

Candy Rain 6 is a wonderful online game in which you will continue your journey through an enchanting magical kingdom populated by many confectioners. You will travel to their wonderful cities, acquire as many delectable sweets as you can for yourself and your friends, and pass difficult examinations. On the screen, you will see a playing field with a sprinkling of candies, from which you can select the most delectable and arrange them in a row. To do this, look for areas with numerous identical candies nearby and line them up by moving them in different ways in adjoining cells. The longer your row, the more rewards you will receive, and these are not just ordinary candies but magical candies that can burst and eliminate one type or a complete variety of sweets from the field. With each new level, more challenging tasks await you, and the rewards for doing them get more substantial. Real treasure chests are created in the game Candy Rain 6 for the most attentive and resourceful players. Go find them right now.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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