BuildNow GG

BuildNow GG

BuildNow GG is an online third-person shooter build-and-shoot game with a variety of game modes, weaponry, and maps. In offline training mode, polish your abilities while building and fighting your way to the top of the scoreboard.

In the game, you take on an opponent by building walls, roofs, and ramps as fast as you can. Aim training is a great way for new players to become familiar with the fundamental controls. You can swap between the guns while fighting, and they cover the typical loadout you'd expect from a shooting game. In the graphics options, you can adjust the visual quality, FPS cap, HDR, and more.

BuildNow GG is a unique blend of third-person shooting gameplay and tactical building that has grabbed the internet gaming community by storm. You can outwit and outperform your opponent in this 1v1 fighting arena by using not only your marksmanship but also your strategic construction abilities.

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How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys = move.
  • Space = jump.

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