Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is a satisfying casual game in which you tear down walls with a circular saw, brick by brick. The bricks are converted into cash for various upgrades in your bucket crusher!

Cut through the wall and place the bricks in your Bucket Crusher to turn them into money. This is something you can do until your fuel runs out. You can use the money you earn from crushing bricks to upgrade your machinery after each run. Increase the level's length, power, size, and fuel capacity to get more bricks with each run.

You'll eventually have enough upgrades to demolish the entire wall, leaving no bricks untouched. Once you've finished the first wall, there are a variety of colorful and interesting mosaics in a variety of shapes to dig into and pull apart the next time! As you progress, you will also gain new skins.

How To Play

Just tap and direct your bucket crusher to the wall and start destroying it!

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