Bubble Shooter Free 2

Bubble Shooter Free 2

Bubble Shooter Free 2 is a bubble shooter with one of the most straightforward overall designs for games in its genre. Instead of being a multiplayer game, it is a single-player one. The top of the screen shows nine horizontal rows of more than 150 bubbles on a field at the beginning of the game. The bubbles are a mixture of different colors. A shooting tool with a sightline targeting arrow and a colorful bubble is located at the bottom of the play area. A projectile bubble can be fired at the bubbles in the bottom row using the shooter. The gamer starts out at a beginner level. By firing each new projectile bubble at three or more bubbles of the same color in the rows, they must first clear the field of all bubbles. In order to successfully shoot a projectile bubble at the row of bubbles, the player must employ physics and deliberate targeting techniques.

If the player misses no more than five times during gameplay, the game will automatically add fresh rows of bubbles to the field, as shown by the quantity of silver bubbles still to the shooter's left. If the player doesn't remove the rows in a timely manner, the game will finish when either a single row bubble touches the bottom edge of the field or the rows spread so far down the screen that they block the shooter. The player's score and bonus score, if any, appear on the screen whether they win or lose. The player is given the choice to restart and try again or move on to the next level. 

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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