Bubble Fall

Bubble Fall

Bubble Fall is another intriguing bubble shooter game on our website that distinguishes itself from most of the others, which we are extremely thrilled about because we always aim to ensure that our visitors have unique experiences, even in genres that have been around for decades!

Bubbles of various colors will fall down a bridge, and you must use the mouse to aim bubbles from the bottom at them, hitting them in such a way that at least three identical bubbles evaporate and you gain points. Continue to work on it because if they fall to the bottom of the screen, you will lose.

Change the color of the next bubble with the right mouse button if that color suits your motion better at that time. We've given you everything you need to know, so we encourage you to start the fun right now, just here, and stay for more of it later, because it's always guaranteed!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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