Block Wood Puzzle

Block Wood Puzzle

Block Wood Puzzle is a 10x10 game in which you must put wooden blocks on a 10-by-10 square board. The blocks are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Fill up all of the rows and columns to clear off the blocks and make room for new ones.

Every time you take a turn in this puzzle game, you'll be given three wooden blocks. Take them from the tray and arrange them on the board. The blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and will be made up of anywhere from 1 to 9 squares. Make them fit nicely together in the play area to form entire rows and columns. As the board fills up with blocks, it becomes more difficult to place fresh ones. Forming entire rows and columns aids in solving this problem since any completed horizontal or vertical line of ten vanishes from the board, making room for additional blocks. Extra points are awarded if you clear more than one line at the same time.

Try to stay going as long as possible. It helps to prevent generating awkward gaps between the blocks you arrange, so try to place them as close together as possible.

How To Play

  • Drag and drop wooden blocks.

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