Battledudes is a multiplayer 2D shooter game with a completely destructible terrain in which you compete against other teams and players for victory! There are numerous different maps and gamemodes to pick from, with numerous map and gamemode combinations. To help you combat the adversaries, you have over 20 different weapons in your armory that you can unlock by playing the game and accumulating XP points.

In larger maps, vehicles such as the jeep and tank can be used to quickly navigate the map while also transporting your companions. Your pal in the passenger seat can shoot at attackers while driving the Jeep! Meanwhile, the strongly armored tank has a single seat but a formidable tank turret that shoots bursting rockets. Just be aware of the lengthy reload time.

In the game, you can buy new headwear and emotes using either the coin or gem currency. Playing the game and gaining XP earns you coins. Gems are available for purchase in the store. Each coin can only be used to purchase a limited number of products.

How To Play

  • WASD to move.
  • Left mouse button to shoot.
  • R to reload.
  • E to enter the car.
  • Move mouse or NUMBER KEYS 1-4 to switch weapons.
  • M or Tab to zoom in on the map.
  • You can customize the controls in settings.

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