Balls Race

Balls Race

Balls Race is a game in which players attempt to outrun rolling balls on the ground. The game requires your assistance, and you should also create a path to encounter more alluring rewards. Have you ever played a ball-rolling game on the ground outside? Then Balls Race will assist you in accomplishing this. If the balls come across a terrifying bend, they will tilt sideways and roll a long distance. Players should use such balls for their own benefit as well, though, in order to win the race. The match will have a variety of opponents, and you must win on the whole.

Players in the Balls Race will be able to select the ball they want to use for the competition. Your ball will glide across a flat surface in the game, and there are some fairly challenging bends there. To become acquainted with the major races, players must become familiar with all the simplest procedures. You will be handed a variety of colored balls, and you must stare directly at your own. This will enable you to steer the ball correctly and sync it with your hand gestures. Are you ready to conquer the balls?

How To Play

  • Arrow keys = move, Spacebar = jump, E = ball.

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