Baby Bird flies In The Sky

Baby Bird flies In The Sky

Baby Bird Flies In The Sky is a new adventure game that is similar to the well-known Flappy Bird. You'll be greeted by an extremely cute bird who wants to learn how to fly high in the air. Because of her size, the bird is too small to accomplish it on her own. Do you want to help this gorgeous bird? She would be happy to have your important assistance.

In this free online platform game, your goal is to tap the screen at the right time while avoiding obstacles like pipes and collecting bonuses. Because the game is so addictive, you'll want to keep playing it in your browser. The flexible CAPX and personalized gameplay will keep you intrigued for hours. Many adjustments are achievable on your own, such as changing the typography, changing the distance between pipes, regulating gravity, and changing the bird's speed.

Keep clicking as you fly your bird and have fun in this adorable online flight game!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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