Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an intriguing archery game that is popular in November. The game appears to have a simple design at first glance, yet the gameplay is highly unique and engaging.

The Apple Shooter game allows for extensive character customization. Shoot all of the apples to complete each level. Gather balloons to earn points. Collect coins to get more arrows. Rocket, guided, explosive, and hammer arrows are among the seven types of arrows. At the bottom of the screen, select an arrow type. Balloons are not required to complete each level, but they do increase the overall score. There are a total of 17 levels. The distance grows further with each success. But watch out: if you shoot a friend, the game is over! Goodluck!

Wolf Games created Apple Shooter, which also created Avoid You Dying.

How To Play

  • Click and hold to power up the shot. 
  • Shoot all apples to pass the level. 
  • Collect balloons for points. 
  • Collect coins for additional arrows.

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