Angry Guys

Angry Guys

Angry Guys is here to test your patience and limitations! If you have confidence in your aim, we have the ideal challenge for you. To defeat the evil mascot, see the goal, perform the arithmetic, and fire your crew members through the field!

By switching the roles in the dynamic, this new mechanism enables people to exact revenge. Your team members can now be used as projectiles to harm the monsters. There are a set number of monsters in each level, but don't be alarmed. There are enough of you to take them all out! Calculate the route you take after observing the field. You choose the direction and intensity of your assault. Holding onto your teammate while dragging him to the left of the screen will allow you to shoot. Your most recent attack leaves a trail in the air that you can use to guide your upcoming shot. Consider the images from before, change the angles appropriately, and take pleasure in the result! Maintain your practice and refine your aim to finish levels with three stars and discover new levels!

If you like this challenging game, you can check out Narrow One. Have fun!

How To Play

  • You can use your mouse to play this game.

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