5 is an engrossing multiplayer game. The objective is to stake out as much ground as you can. Run all the way around the spacecraft, diving in and out of your safe area to get more room. Cut off other players to eliminate them. The crew of the spaceship is still engaged in a never-ending battle with extraterrestrial imposters. The public is set to be surprised with a brand-new multiplayer arena inspired by Among Us. Every online match on is a fiercely competitive deathmatch. It has well-known, vivid characters in addition to their witty animations. But this time, they have to engage in a different kind of survival struggle. The goal of this fight is to protect and secure the country's boundaries. Draw them with a path the hero leaves behind, just like in Collide with another player's incomplete outline to take them out. Simply exercise caution, and don't let your enemies do the same. Keep your eyes on the prize, prepare ahead of time, and commandeer the server.

How To Play

  • Touch screen on mobile device to control your character movement.
  • For desktop use mouse or keyboard (WASD/arrow keys).

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