Agent Fight 3D

Agent Fight 3D

Agent Fight 3D is going to be one of the best brand-new hypercasual fighting games 3d with stick figures and ragdolls that we offer you today on our website. We are aware that you can never go wrong with such games, so whenever a brand-new, excellent one shows up, as it did today, we make sure to share it with you as soon as we can, like right now!

When the red warning appears, it signals the adversary is prepared to launch a counterattack. Your stickman fighter will approach the enemy; to attack them, hold the mouse button down or your finger down on the screen. Release the button or finger, and you'll be able to avoid it.

You win the battles by hitting your opponent enough times to fill in the circle that represents your advancement; the challenges increase as you move forward. Naturally, this also means that you will be able to equip your fighter with stronger armor using the cash you earn, enabling you to take down any foe, no matter how hazardous. Enjoy!

How To Play

  • Hold to attack, release to stop.

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